Large Capacity Wire EDM

Mitsubishi MV2400-R Advance Plus 2 Wire EDM
capacity (X,Y,Z)   23.6" 15.7" 12.2"
workpiece weight 3300lb max

Mitsubishi FA-20S Wire EDM
capacity (X,Y,Z)   19.7" 13.8" 12.2"
workpiece weight 3300lb max

Large Capacity Wire EDM offers the solution to machining billets up to 3300lbs.
Doutt Tool copes with projects that other tool shops are not equipped to manage.
The capability to handle large workpieces provides an option for one seamless manufacturing process to produce large discrete dies that would otherwise have been designed and built as individual modules.

The opportunity exists for us to maximise output so that multiple components can be made from just one machine setup, the consequent savings in time and raw materiel are reflected in our competitive quotes and fast lead times.

Our investment in advanced technology, up-to-date training and old fashioned craftsmanship is working for the benefit of manufacturing companies worldwide.

NAICS Code 333514 • Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing  
    SIC Code 354407 • Tool & Die Makers • Tool City USA • Meadville Pennsylvania